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The Smart Living Lab hosted three ENAC Weeks for the first time

For the first time, EPFL’s Fribourg campus hosted three ENAC Weeks at once. This teaching program aims to bring together bachelor students from the three ENAC sections to expose them to interdisciplinary teamwork. In this context, a first group of students made new benches for the Smart Living Lab from reclaimed materials, such as train track rails and water skis. Another one built full-scale emergency shelters inspired by real-world situations in Bangladesh, Ecuador, Iraq and Syria. The last group spent their time developing formwork systems for a new kind of textile-reinforced concrete. The students were able to experiment with the equipment at the Smart Living Lab’s PopUP studio, a research facility with enough space to house large-scale (1:1) prototypes, under the guidance of professional technicians. A new edition of ENAC weeks taking place in Fribourg is planned for 2020.