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Temporary shelters popping up alongside camping tents

Charles Jenny chose temporary housing as the topic of his Master’s project in architecture, using the 2018 Paléo Festival in Nyon as his case study. He started out by studying the various types of temporary housing currently used at festivals to accommodate staff and the public. Jenny found plastic camping tents to be the most problematic, and not just because of the material they are made from. Based on his findings, Jenny came up with a new, more environmentally friendly housing solution that tallies with festival-goers’ needs: a raised, modular wooden cabin that can be easily assembled, disassembled and reused. “The pop-up concept is ideal for festivals but could also be used on a larger scale,” says Jenny. “Not only would it work for all sorts of private events, but it could also provide emergency housing for victims of natural and humanitarian disasters.” For his Master’s project, Jenny was advised by assistant professor Corentin Fivet, full professor Thomas Keller and lecturer Loïc Fumeaux.