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Students turned wood pallets into furniture

Six undergraduate students from ENAC School came up with a plan to transform the wood from discarded pallets on the EPFL campus into everyday furniture by creating a catalog of easy-to-make designs. They dubbed their project CHEAP, for Catalog of Handmade Elements Assembled from Pallets. The CHEAP catalog presents seven easily replicable designs – a table, chairs, a bar and stool set, a lounge chair, a bench, a coffee table and planters – based on the most widely used type of pallets in Switzerland. The pieces are designed to leave behind the least amount of wood scrap possible. The result is a series of unique pieces. The idea for the design manual came out of the Student Kreativity and Innovation Lab (SKIL), which gives ENAC undergraduate students of all backgrounds a chance to explore a research topic of their own. The catalog was enough to convince EPFL’s Act 4 Change Lab, a platform that encourages sustainable projects at EPFL, to support a series of furniture-building workshops on campus in conjunction with CHEAP.