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MAP 2019

MAP, or Master of Architecture Projects, is a committee within the Association of EPFL Students in Architecture (ASAR) and consists exclusively of students in the final year of their Master’s in Architecture. It aims to showcase the school’s highly effective approach to teaching. Every year the committee publishes a book (also called MAP) that presents the students’ Master’s projects and includes articles written by ENAC faculty. In parallel, the committee holds an exhibition highlighting all the Master’s projects for that year. The exhibition gives the students an opportunity to share their work with the general public and to demonstrate their creativity and areas of interest to local businesses. The 2019 edition of the exhibition, titled “MAP 19 – Master Architecture Projects” was held in an exhibition gallery in Ferme des Tilleuls in Renens.
It was in 2009 that a team of MAP students began to coordinate the printing and marketing of the book and to organize the exhibition, whose venue changes every year. MAP is an important milestone in the Master’s students’ training, as it fosters dialogue among students, professors and industry professionals. Interested businesses can help finance the ASAR and/or the exhibition. The MAP committee also organizes cocktails alongside key events during the final year of the Master’s program, such as when the students turn in projects. The MAP book is available for sale at these events as well as at La Fontaine bookstore on campus and Payot in Lausanne.