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L’Atelier Magazine examines the concept of time

In 2019, L’Atelier Magazine explored the relationship between architecture and time through two complementary issues, which discuss the futility of grasping the ungraspable, of pinning down an ever-fleeing concept.

The first issue focused on the venerable past, while the second dealt with the future – the unknown – where we can give free rein to our imagination. These topics, intentionally broad, spawned multi-genre writings, from confessions and philosophical essays to forward-looking treatises. The students took the opportunity to reflect on and write about numerous and diverse interests as they prepare for their careers in the time-honored profession of architecture.

L’Atelier Magazine is a semiannual publication created by EPFL architecture students in 2011 to examine topics of architectural, aesthetic and political importance. The members of the editorial team belong to the Association of EPFL Students in Architecture (ASAR).