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EPFL students explore the city of Evian

In response to a request from the French-speaking Switzerland chapter of the Swiss Architects’ Federation (FAS), the Atelier de la conception de l’espace took a fresh look at the Lake Geneva region as a whole from both an environmental and heritage standpoint, with a particular focus on two sites: Patrick Bouchain’s La Grange au Lac, dedicated to the cellist Rostropovitch, and La Buvette d’Evian, which was built in 1957 by French architect Maurice Novarina, structural engineer Serge Ketoff and builder Jean Prouvé. To this end, 150 first-year students in architecture built wooden structures that were assembled during the spring near the two heritage sites in Evian. The work of EPFL’s students in Evian is part of a new ALICE project called Becoming – a three-part exploration. With Becoming, its director Dieter Dietz advocates a concept of architecture in constant flux and that upholds the new value system our society must adopt if we are to save our planet.