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EPFL students built a new pavilion at Servion Zoo

What makes the ideal classroom? Where does a structure like this fit in at a zoo? These are just some of the questions that students in EPFL’s undergraduate program in architecture grappled in 2019.  After being approached by Servion Zoo near Lausanne, the students designed and built a wooden pavilion with a slate roof, sourcing their construction materials online and from specialist recycling facilities. The structure will host talks and temporary exhibitions for young visitors. “The Lausanne city council has launched its Lausanne-réutilise recycling website, and the Swiss government is working on a new directory of construction material recycling firms – so this project is very much in keeping with a much wider movement,” says Martin Fröhlich, an associate professor from Berlin who, along with Anja Fröhlich, co-directs EPFL’s Laboratory of Elementary Architecture and Studies of Types (EAST). “By using recycled materials, the students have built a structure that’s as good as new without the waste. What’s more, the pavilion is easy to dismantle, meaning the components can be used again and again.”