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EPFL researchers explore the role of nature in cities

EPFL’s Habitat Research Center launched in 2019 the Landscape Habitats research cluster, which studies the role of nature in cities. The occasion was also marked by the opening of The Living City exhibition, organized by researcher Matthew Skjonsberg, in EPFL’s Archizoom space. The new Habitat Research Center produces research, leads projects, runs meetings between researchers and organizes seminars. All of EPFL’s laboratories are invited to collaborate with the Center in its four areas of research: Healthy Habitats, which aims to make cities healthier places through such things as green mobility; Digital Habitats, which explores the possibilities offered by smart cities; Landscape Habitats, which aims to rethink the role of nature in cities; and Productive Habitats, which seeks to understand how new work paradigms such as teleworking will transform the landscape.