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A blueprint for the EU's ecological transition

The report entitled The overlooked side of the ecological transition, sets out a series of recommendations on the EU’s ecological transition. They were formulated by NGOs and key figures and published by Friends of Europe. Two EPFL researchers were asked to write the chapter on the EU’s energy transition: Vincent Moreau from the Laboratory of Environmental and Urban Economics (LEURE), who co-authored the chapter with François Vuille, the former executive director of the Energy Center. They made two key recommendations for decoupling economic growth and energy use. First, they encourage the EU to measure its energy use from a consumption perspective, including trade and accounting for its industrial structure, i.e., in view of whether certain activities were outsourced within or outside the EU’s borders. Second, they suggest that the EU should calculate how much energy could be saved by relocating some outsourced activities back onto European ground and rethinking how production is distributed across the continent, for example with the automobile industry’s shift towards all electric vehicles.