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Examining the highly organized lives of long-distance commuters

“Most studies on long-distance commuters focus on high-ranking executives who live and work in different countries. But I wanted to look more specifically at families where both parents have to travel long distances day in and day out,” says Guillaume Drevon, a geographer at EPFL’s Urban Sociology Laboratory (LaSUR). His research was published in a book titled Proposition pour une rythmologie de la mobilité et des sociétés contemporaines (available in French only). The first section of his book discusses how individuals’ pace of life can be used to analyze commuting patterns, the second describes the pace of life of around 8,000 commuters, and the third gives the personal accounts of around 20 couples with small children where both parents have long commutes to work. The third section also outlines the strategies and methods these parents use to juggle the many demands on their time.